Silicon Valley/East Coast Accelerator

Intensive startup mentoring program

Genesys Partners is pleased to announce a partnership with the German government to bring high-tech startups to the U.S., to accelerate their launch and to mentor their success. The German Accelerator (GA) provides entrepreneurs with a three-month intensive support and mentoring program in Silicon Valley and New York.

German Accelerator (GA) provides entrepreneurs with a 3-6 month program of intensive strategizing and and mentoring program in Silicon Valley and New York. GA supports German startups in their first steps to becoming internationally recognized and successful companies. Every quarter, participating startup founders have the opportunity to come to Silicon Valley or New York to accelerate their startup's development.

They are exposed to the dynamic and competitive spirit that makes the U.S. East and West coasts the world's premier center for innovation and startup success. Besides understanding the critical success factors of American business culture, the program is specifically designed to accelerate their growth in the U.S. market by working on individual company milestones. Founders develop a U.S. go-to-market strategy, make initial customer contacts, and continue to engage and build relevant networks. They also gain an understanding of financing options for their venture and receive introductions to business angels and venture capital firms.

Genesys' CEO Jim Kollegger also serves as CEO, German Accelerator/New York For more information, see